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Rose Drake
Creative and Dreams Music Network, LLC, President
Drake Music Group, President

Rose Drake is a pioneer of the Nashville music scene, and with a long career under her belt, she has earned herself a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable and recognizable women in the music industry. In 2012, instead of focusing on retirement, Rose and her creative partner, Sir Fred Cannon, launched a new company, Creative and Dreams Music Network, LLC. Drawing from the duo’s life passions, Creative and Dreams seeks to nurture the talents of upcoming artists, while also highlighting the work of artistic legends from a variety of creative backgrounds.

Rose Drake has never played an instrument, made a musical recording or penned the words of a hit song, but without her, much of the national and international acclaim Nashville’s Pete Drake enjoyed as a music legend might not have happened.

Rose went to work for Pete Drake’s Window Music Publishing Company when it was three years old. During the first year of operation, Window Music scored a #1 record with Jim Reeves’ “Is This Me.” Over the next few years, Drake Music Group’s BMI Company Window Music recorded an average of one song per day — an unbelievable accomplishment in independent music publishing history. In her role with Window Music, Rose worked with the young writers and performers. She knew instinctively that their music needed to be nurtured and cultivated, which quickly became her passion and her life’s work. It is also where her story could have ended. Instead, Rose saw the opportunity in the 70’s and 80’s to make the Drake companies a household name and a place for musicians, songwriters and music lovers as well. The Drakes’ studio and home were known as “The Drakes’ School of Music,” where musicians could hang out, record and listen to music any hour of the day. “Pete’s Place” Recording Studio was actually open twenty- four hours a day, giving an all-night studio home to new songwriters as they arrived in Nashville. It wasn’t unusual to run into Willie Nelson, Leon Russell, Billy Joel, BJ Thomas, Tommy James, George Jones, David Allan Coe, Waylon Jennings or a group of Grand Ole Opry artists just hanging out and laying down tracks at Pete’s Place Studio.

While Pete was in the studio, Rose’s business staff broke new ground for the companies by successfully promoting copyrights on an international level and striking deals outside the U.S. for Pete Drake’s productions.

Some of Drake Music Group’s publishing successes include “Every Time Two Fools Collide” by Kenny Rogers and Dottie West, “Let It Shine” by Olivia Newton John, “Would You Lay With Me In A Field of Stone” by Tanya Tucker, “If Drinking Don’t Kill Me” by George Jones, “New Looks From an Old Lover” by BJ Thomas, and “Come On In” by The Oak Ridge Boys, a whole album of songs recorded by Ringo Starr and songs recorded by almost every country artist in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Any time, if Pete’s Place studio wasn’t booked for major artist recording sessions, the Drake Music Group songwriters David Allan Coe, Linda Hargrove, Pam Rose, Mary Ann Kennedy, Rick Beresford and sixteen other staff writers were encouraged to be in the studio recording new songs and learning how to be session musicians and engineers. It was truly “The Drakes’ School of Music”.

In the mid-1970s, Nashville’s major record labels began dropping country music’s most legendary performers from their rosters. Frustrated in particular by Decca Records’ release of Ernest Tubb, Pete and Rose decided to record some of Tubb’s new songs in the hopes of regenerating interest in this legend’s music by a major label. When that didn’t happen, Pete and Rose formed First Generation Records for Ernest Tubb and other Grand Ole Opry and traditional country artists they had been so proud to be associated with through the years. They would eventually record more than 350 masters with legendary country artists. These Icons still have product available through First Generation Records.

Rose managed the businesses, which included five publishing companies, a recording studio, a record label and the administration service, while Pete produced artists for major label production deals and First Generation Records while also playing steel guitar on major artists’ recording sessions. Rose also made the time to be active in the community; serving on boards with the Easter Seals, American Lung Association, Nashville Entertainment Association, and committees involved in the Music Row Beautification with the Mayor’s Office.

After Pete’s death in 1988, Rose began marketing the roster of artists on First Generation Records in new ways through www.Countryrecords.com, while Drake’s publishing companies and record label continue to have success with songs being placed in television and film, and songs recorded by major artists.

Now, with this remarkable woman at the helm of Creative and Dreams, the next generation of creative minds has the opportunity to work with a country music pioneer who has worked with legends.

Sir Fred Cannon
CEO // Creative and Dreams Music Network, LLC

Creative and Dreams calls Sir Fred Cannon their “music man,” and the name suits him well. For more than forty years, he has worked in various roles in the music industry as a musician, music producer, radio DJ, songwriter, lecturer, marketing and promotion consultant, A&R expert, music publisher, music lobbyist, music business historian, artist development mentor and government relations professional.

Sir Fred Cannon received his Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from Whittier College in California and his associate’s degree in political science and government from the University of Maryland – Munich, Germany. He attended Vanderbilt University’s Owen School of Management.

He held senior management positions with EMI Records in Italy and England, where he worked with such superstars as Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Elton John, Deep Purple, Suzi Quatro and Michael Jackson. He was managing director of The Voice of the Daily American in Rome, Italy, where he was also a popular radio personality. From 1979 to 1988, he worked as managing director and CEO of Carrere Records in the UK, signing such international acts as Saxon, Phyllis Nelson, The Buggles and Rose Tattoo, and assisting with the production of many hit records. From 1988 to 1992, he was international director of British record and music publishing company, PWL, which charted more than 100 top 40 hits and 16 number ones. During this period, he worked closely with artists such as Kylie Minogue, Rick Astley and Donna Summer.

Sir Fred Cannon served as supervising producer of the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo from 1989 to 2001. He was a member of the British Institute of Marketing from 1977 to 1988, and was named a fellow of the British Institute of Directors in 1985.

He joined BMI as a consultant in 1994, serving as event coordinator of the CISAC (International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers) 39th World Congress in Washington, DC. Later that year, he was named legislative liaison. He was then promoted to vice president of government relations in 1996.

In 1997, he was appointed Honorary State Representative of the State of Louisiana. Under the Clinton administration, he served on the “America Goes Back to School” task force for the Department of Education.

He sat on the board of directors for the State Government Affairs Council from 1998 to 2002, where he also served as a member of the Council’s Public Relations/Communications Committee. He was also a member of the Public Affairs Council.

From 2002 to 2012, he served as BMI’s senior vice president of government relations, where he was responsible for coordinating and overseeing BMI’s legislative efforts in conjunction with all departments, as well as with the company’s lobbying firms in Washington, DC and in states across the country. Until its closure in May 2010, he served as vice chair of BMI’s political action committee, the BMI Legislative Fund for Authors, Composers and Publishers.

Sir Fred Cannon led the company’s efforts in protecting the rights of BMI’s songwriters, composers and music publishers at all levels of government. Combining his experience and insight into the creative process with his knowledge of government relations, he was one of the industry’s most effective lobbyists on copyright, creative freedoms, censorship and the threat posed by unauthorized download of music over the Internet. He worked with key congressional staff as an experienced music industry advisor in drafting legislation on music on the Internet. He played a similar role as an advisor to state legislators dealing with local public policy issues including creative freedom for songwriters, intellectual property rights and public performance of music.

His wide scope of professional relationships among government relations professionals and fellow lobbyists afforded him the opportunity to spread awareness of the threat to American culture and the economy posed by the unrestricted misappropriation of copyrights in music and filmed entertainment by companies and individuals. His international experience helped him graphically illustrate the global impact of theft of intellectual property. His close working relationships with world-class artists made it possible to dramatize and humanize often hard to understand intellectual property issues by escorting stars on personal visits to legislators both in Washington, DC and in state governments.

From 2006 to 2008, Sir Fred Cannon served as president of the Recording Academy’s Washington, DC Chapter. He also served as a board member of the Copyright Alliance and the Songwriters Guild of America Foundation, co- vice president of the Songwriters Association of Washington, board member of the Smithsonian’s Jazz Appreciation Month, a member of the Country Music Association, a member of the Washington Area Music Association, and was a steering committee member for the Henley Business School MBA program in the UK. He also served on the advisory boards of Musicians On Call, the Institute of Human Virology at the University of Maryland in Baltimore, the George Washington University Creative and Innovative Economy Center, and the Starshine Academy International Schools. He currently serves on the board of the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience, together with the Amazon Aid Foundation, and is the Ambassador for ‘A Diverse World’ Foundation, Peru.

In 2009, he was knighted by Cardinal Foley, the Grand Master of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre.

Currently, Sir Fred Cannon serves as a consultant for BMI and as CEO of Creative and Dreams Music Network, LLC.

Music Industry Credits: While an executive with EMI Records, he worked with artists including John Lennon, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Kate Bush, Queen, Stevie Wonder, Jim Capaldi, Elton John, Lionel Richie, The Sex Pistols, Romina Power and Al Bano Carrisi, Suzi Quatro, Deep Purple and Michael Jackson.
As managing director of Carrere Records Italy and UK, he worked with Robert “Mutt” Lange, Trevor Horn, Hans Zimmer, Clout, Dollar, Saxon, Rage, Vibrators, Ottawan, Demon, The Church, Phyllis Nelson, The Monks, Ryan Paris, Stingray, Debbie Bonham and Eros Ramazzotti.

As supervising producer of the World Music Awards, he worked with The Bee Gees, Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, Ray Charles, Prince, Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, Tina Turner, Tony Bennett, Mariah Carey, Gloria Estefan, Elton John, Ringo Starr, Rod Stewart, Ricky Martin, Stevie Wonder, Cher, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears and Michael Jackson.

Songwriting Credits: “Don’t Say Goodbye,” co-written in 1974 with Italian mega-star Bobby Solo. The song received the Outstanding Song Award at the Yamaha Japanese Song Festival in 1975.

Signing Credits: Saxon, The Church, Rose Tattoo, Rage, Dollar, Ottawan, Clout, Demon, Phyllis Nelson, Gloria Loren and Carl Anderson, Pino Daniele, The Buggles and Eros Ramazotti.

Mixing Credits: “Move Closer,” #1 single record in the UK by artist Phyllis Nelson in 1986. “Sanctuary,” by Debbie Bonham, which was named Record of the Week on BBC Radio One’s Simon Bates Show. “For You and the Moon,” by Debbie Bonham, which was voted Record of the Year in 1985 by the readers of Germany’s Music Mart.

Publishing Credits: “One Step Out Of Time,” the 1992 winner of BBC Television’s “Song for Europe,” sung by Michael Ball.
Recent production credits:

Executive producer and co-producer of Chastity Brown’s international critically acclaimed Back-Road Highways and Long Way with over 100 five star reviews.

Lisa Reagan Love’s latest release Realm of Dreams.

DeAnna J Cartea’s current CD release Second Chance which is getting great international response.

Lonely Road and currently Seven Year Itch (2018) by the amazing duo Pretty Gritty which is receiving great reviews internationally

Cindy Alter is one of the great voices of our time from South Africa and a great performance on her recently released  “Reunion” Ep

The most recent production release by EDM artist JDXL “Rather Be With” getting lots of airplay internationally. 

Supertalk Interview (3 parts)


“Thanks to the vast experience, credibility, and hard work of Rose Drake and the staff of Creative and Dreams Network my career has rapidly moved up to the next level. My release, “Strong Medicine,” has already risen to #1 on the Rock APD single and album charts and is receiving national and international airplay. I am excited to be traveling to Nashville, Tennessee to record my first Creative and Dreams release in November. It feels so good to know I am surrounded by such knowledgeable, successful professionals – who are also incredibly friendly, down to earth folks and keenly interested in my personal success. I look forward to even greater success with CDMN in the very near future.” —Patty Reese

“We think Rose Drake and everyone at Creative and Dreams Music Network are among the elite in the music industry. We are really excited about the release of our new album and all of our future projects with Creative and Dreams Music Network”. —Glenn Sasser (Small Room 9)

“Small Room 9 is very excited to begin working with Creative and Dreams Music Network. Throughout the years we have worked very hard at our music with many different people, but we have never worked with anyone quite like Creative and Dreams. Even though they have accomplished much success individually at Creative and Dreams, they have provided a down to earth, family like atmosphere that makes us all feel at home. With Creative and Dreams, we have joined a tremendous group of people who combine incredible experience, knowledge, care, and most importantly, a love for music that we all share. As a band from small town in Mississippi, Small Room 9 feels like we will finally get the chance to get our music heard, and we cannot wait to see how far our music and Creative and Dreams will take us. Through the help of Creative and Dreams, we know that everyone will someday know the name Small Room 9.” — Rod Mooney (Small Room 9)