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Our vacation to Sorrento, Italy — a travel testimonial

“Several years ago we took a Mediterranean cruise from Barcelona to Venice. Our favorite spot was Sorrento and we vowed to return. We loved the little town on a cliff high above the sea with magnificent views of Mount Vesuvius and the Isle of Capri, but we had no idea that Sorrento offered so much more. Thanks to Tina Carignani with Discover Napoli Destinations, we discovered that Sorrento was actually a peninsula surrounded on one side by the Bay of Naples and on the other side by the Gulf of Salerno. We learned that the entire peninsula is beautiful beyond belief. We toured the Amalfi coast and found untold treasures in Positano, Amalfi and Ravello. We saw beautiful gardens, groves of lemon trees and palms, treasures of ancient civilizations, vertical cities with breath-taking views, cathedrals full of priceless art and antiquities and so much more. But the highlight was Tina’s personal touch.

Have you ever been on a tour where the bus is full and there is a single guide to take care of all of you? Have you found the guide’s mastery of your language to be marginal? Have you experienced the inability to hear the guide during portions of your tour? We’ve experienced all of that and found that often we didn’t have enough time in some locations and too much time in others. Discover Napoli Destinations is very different. Tina, who is fluent in four languages,  listened to our interests and suggested a customized tour to meet our needs. We hadn’t planned to tour Naples, thinking it was just a large metropolitan area with less to offer than some other locations. Tina convinced us otherwise. We spent an entire day in Napoli and wished we could have stayed longer. Tina shared historical and political perspectives that enhanced our enjoyment and learning. We loved Christmas alley where intricate handmade nativity scenes can be found. We were amazed at the famous Veiled Christ sculpture in the Sansevero Chapel Museum and awed by the beauty of the opera house.

Our last day was spent on the Isle of Capri. Once again Tina exceeded our expectations. As a summer resident on the island, she was able to avoid long lines at major attractions (the blue grotto and chair lift) and show us significant savings on gift items as well as meals. In every location she encouraged us to try local delicacies that we loved. She even recommended wines and beer for our enjoyment. We were extremely pleased with Tina’s professionalism, knowledge of the history and politics of the area and her communication skills. We strongly recommend Discover Napoli Destinations and Tina Carignani for the vacation of a lifetime.

Susan and Pete Poynter
Atlanta, Georgia