Tierra Peruana

Tierra Peruana


Cultural Theme Park Peru

Creative and Dreams Music Network and Fred Cannon welcome Tierra Peruana, Peru’s cultural theme park, to their family of creative dreamers.

Regardless of where a child lives, it is their dream to visit the world’s most incredible theme parks. While there are many children who are fortunate enough to get to experience these life-changing parks, there are even more children who are not.

Adolfo Luque, the founder of Tierra Peruana, pondered that thought and wondered how he could get kids from all over the world have fun, learn and experience different cultures not only from their own countries but from the countries of the rest of the world’s children?

His idea was to create a theme park where all children, regardless of their socio-economic status, could pretend to be an astronaut, biologist, explorer, geographer, astronomer or archaeologist, while also getting to experience the world’s many cultures. At the end of the day, they would leave the park understanding that all people are both the same and different, and those similarities and differences are what forms the amazing adventure of humanity.
The mission of Tierra Peruana is to educate and shape the future of millions of children and young adults. Its goals and objectives are to:

  • Invite children to experience heritage, history and the development of their cultural identity.
  • Allow children to experience the different cultures of Peru and the world as a means of social integration. Give them tools to see the values ​​of other cultures and help them to realize how much there is to learn about other countries’ customs and history.
  • Give children a fun place to learn without having to incorporate elements of amusement rides.

Tierra Peruana was born in a poor district of Lima, and thanks to the affection with which it is being hosted, it stands to become a world cultural movement of understanding, knowledge and solidarity. Perhaps one day its parks will reach around the world, providing a bridge of better understanding that mankind ultimately needs to be at peace.

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“It all begins with a creative dream.” -Fred Cannon