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In a twist of fate, after a steel mill bankruptcy not only cost Angelo M his job, but also cost him his pension, he decided to give his dreams of music a full-fledge shot and has emerged in the Pennsylvania scene since.Angelo M, a season vocalist and multi-instrumentalist that plays acoustic guitar, dobro and mandolin, has brought together blues and roots styles to create a crisp and authentic Americana sound that has led him to winning numerous awards, having his songs featured on television and earning songwriting honors in the prestigious “Mountain Stage” NewSong and Billboard’s Song contests.

This authentic and often times autobiographical singer/songwriter is a welcome addition to the publishing division as well as the artist division of Creative and Dreams Music Network.

“Angelo M. made our jaws drop when he sat down and blistered the frets…”  Richard Cuccaro, Acoustic Live

“A Gifted Musician with Incredible Dexterity on finger-picking guitar, slide Dobro and mandolin… After his powerful performance, many people were asking where and when they could see him again.” Blues News – Kalamazoo Festival Review by Tim Richards

“A real crowd pleaser! Angelo M. went immediately to our “Bring Back for a Return Visit” list.”  Grady Ormsby, booking manager, Down East FolkArts Society


Angelo M From Steel to Strings album cover
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  1. That Train
  2. Every Kind Of Blues
  3. Far From Home
  4. Wounded Heart
  5. Lost
  6. Anytime
  7. Stop Blamin’ Me
  8. All That Runnin’
9. Priorities
10. Thirty Years
11. Runnin’ Late
12. Sweet Little Thing
13. Far From Home II
14. Never Be The Same
15. Ain’t Our Love Song
16. Half The Time
[audio: Train.mp3, Kind Of Blues.mp3, From Home.mp3, Heart.mp3,,, Blamin’ Me.mp3, That Runnin’.mp3,, Years.mp3, Late.mp3, Little Thing.mp3, From Home II.mp3, Be The Same.mp3,’t Our Love Song.mp3, The Time.mp3| titles=That Train,Every Kind Of Blues,Far From Home,Wounded Heart,Lost,Anytime,Stop Blamin’ Me,All That Runnin’,Priorities,Thirty Years,Running Late,Sweet Little Thing,Far From Home II,Never Be The Same,Ain’t Our Love Song,Half The Time| autostart=yes]


Radio Interview (open-ended)

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1. What’s the “M” stand for?


2. When you worked at the steel mill did you ever imagine touring as a performing songwriter?


3. What type of venue is your favorite?


4. How did you develop your guitar playing style, what influenced you?


5. Did you learn finger-style or slide first?


6. How did you learn to play the guitar so well?


7. Do you play any other instruments besides guitar?


8. Do you create the music or lyrics first when you write songs?