Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Center


From William Faulkner to Elvis Presley, Mississippi’s artists are among the world’s most well-loved and respected. The Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Center is dedicated to celebrating and honoring the lives and works of these talented Mississippians, whose stories, paintings, performances, dances and other artistic expressions have touched the lives of so many around the world.

The establishment of a Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Center was approved in 2001 by the state legislature. The Center’s purpose is to capture the essence of Mississippi’s legacy in the arts and to celebrate the richness and depth of that legacy and the Mississippians who created it. To do this, the Center will …

Recognize and honor Mississippi artists in all disciplines – including

  • dance, drama, literature, music, and the visual arts
  • Be a place of creativity, entertainment and learning
  • Showcase the accomplishments of Mississippians in a Hall of Fame and Walk of Fame
  • Celebrate our legacy of the arts through education, exhibitions and performances
  • Contribute to the state’s economy by adding jobs and generating additional tourism dollars for area businesses
  • Create a positive atmosphere that will benefit other destinations within the state
  • Have a tremendous cultural impact that extends far beyond the borders of Mississippi

Tourists already find their way to Meridian, MS’s historic downtown district to stroll a Hollywood-style, star-studded Walk of Fame that honors outstanding Mississippi artists such as Jimmie Rodgers, B.B. King, Sela Ward, Marty Stuart, Morgan Freeman, Mac McAnally, Moe Bandy, and the International Sweethearts of Rhythm; literary greats Eudora Welty, Tennessee Williams, and William Faulkner; and visual artist Walter Anderson. More bronze stars bearing the names of famous Mississippians will be placed along the Walk of Fame in the future.