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Arrow HazeCreative and Dreams is proud to welcome a new talented and creative musical act to our wonderful family of unique talent and expertise.

Belgium-based rock band Arrow Haze takes the energy of the classic hard rock bands and combines it with a modern, progressive sound. The band, which is comprised of You Tube-acclaimed iconic musicians Theo Green (vocals/drums), Karoly Alapi (guitar), MattRach (guitar) and Stef Exelmans (bass), released their debut album, “Music Factory.”

“Music Factory” showcases their hard-hitting, classic rock-inspired sound, and offers surprises around every corner, including an appearance by keyboardist Derek Sherinian of Dream Theater. Full of standout tracks, the well-crafted album defines Arrow Haze’s musical direction and solidifies them as one of rock’s newest bands to watch.

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“It all begins with a creative dream.” -Fred Cannon


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Arrow Haze joined the game rather late in the year. While I’m somewhat unclear on details, I do know that at one point I was browsing the width and depth of the Internet for something interesting to listen to. I came across a random blog entry titled Arrow Haze and read its genre tag. Hard rock. For some reason I paused, opened a new tab to search for a preview and ended up on the band’s YouTube channel which showcased a couple of songs. I’m going to go with my gut feeling rather than memory and say it was (what a curious coincidence) “Memories” that happened to catch my attention.

What I heard was a kind of hard rock that didn’t sound particularly ordinary. What I mean is that it wasn’t an oh-it’s-hard-rock ordinary kind of music. I’d have moved on then without a second thought. What I heard was a modern rock production, an easy-going mainstream nature, and vocals that, as Ag Fox later put, sounded too indie. Whatever that means. Point being, this young Belgian band had a great sound, good melodies and lyrical insight that demanded a proper listen. It seemed like they knew what they were doing.

-Ivor of Metal

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